This Is Our Story

Learn about who we are as a company, past projects, and who we work with

Who Are We

Since 1992, BEC has been a leading manufacturer of bulk material handling equipment and automated process control systems, servicing industrial needs across Canada and the world. Our focus is to provide the Feed and Grain, Industrial, Chemical, and Food Process industries with all necessary equipment, as well as supplying automation process control for existing systems or on a system purchased from us to meet the requirements of today’s ever changing market. Our custom engineering department allows you the option of having a system designed that exactly fits your needs, and working alongside our skilled tradespeople who are able to accomplish a variety of millwrighting and electrical tasks, we pride ourselves in providing high quality end-to-end solutions.

  • Professional engineers on staff
  • 3D design
  • Custom fabrication
  • 25,000 sq.ft of manufacturing space
  • Millwrighting
  • Electrical
  • Automation
  • Large parts inventory
  • Project management
  • 24-hour emergency service

Company History

The company was established as Bateman Equipment Corporation in 1992. David Paradis was one of the first partners and became the sole proprietor in 2009. For 5 years he ran the company as sole owner. Since 2014, the company has been transitioning from a sole ownership to a partnership and David has been slowly taking a step back in the daily runnings of the company. Tim Pennings, Jim Pratt, Dave Chandler, and the BEC team are carrying on the services and dedication by upholding the high quality standards of the company to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Partners

– From Left to Right –

Jim Pratt, P. Eng, joined BEC in 1997 immediately after graduating from the University of Western Ontario. His early career focus was on field service and site installs, and building customer relationships by solving technical and process challenges. As the business evolved, so did BEC’s technical diversity with the offering of electrical design, process and data integration, and expert project management.

Tim Pennings has over 12 years’ experience working at BEC and has been involved in the mechanical design and project management roles. On projects, he acts as the main point of contact for clients, collaborating with BEC’s project team and other sub-contractors. He works closely with team members to ensure consistent and outstanding project execution.

Dave Chandler is the General Manager of the Shop Operations which encompasses other important tasks such as Mechanical Parts and Small Machine Quoting, Purchasing, Safety Coordinator & CWB Welding Supervisor. He joined the BEC team in 2006, coming from the automotive manufacturing sector with a wide knowledge of mechanical systems.